1 - Learn the Concepts

Learn the elements: Respect, Communication, and Enforcement of Everyday Boundary Setting™ that apply to individuals and societies.

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2- Train the Elements

Learn by training and drilling the procedures of Everyday Boundary Setting™ such as the Visual Fence™, Verbal Fence,™ and Physical Fence™.

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3- Practice Applying

Learn to apply the concepts and procedures of Everyday Boundary Setting™ in the situations that happen in everyday life.

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Boundary Setting is Fundamental

Boundary setting is a fundamental aspect of civilized life, yet few people recognize its importance and influence on human behavior.

Boundary setting is much more than your "personal space bubble". It is the primary method that society uses to regulate citizen behavior. It is also the primary means that individuals use to guide interpersonal relationships.

But most people's and organization's approaches to boundary setting are arbitrary in nature. They don't really understand what they are doing. Why it works and what happened when it didn't work.

Effective boundary setting requires balancing the three elements of Respect, Communication, and Enforcement in order to produce the desired result which is Respect for the Rules of Behavior.





Start learning the Everyday Boundary Setting Matrix™ now.

Effective boundary setting is an acquired skill. Just like all acquired skills, you have to begin the learning process in order to develop your ability.


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