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Our Approach

Why Everyday Boundary Setting™?

There are many books and instructors that give you tips, advice, and techniques of boundary setting. But these sources don't provide you with a boundary setting methodology that helps you deal with Awkward People AND Rude People AND Dangerous People.

Our Story

Boundary Setting is a Dynamic Process.

Everyday Boundary Setting™ is a flexible and dynamic process that helps you differentiate between Awkward, Rude, and Dangerous People and gives you with the tools to deal with them.  It provides you with a methodology to manage interpersonal relationships and conflicts. It is a concrete means to create Respect in your life.

Meet the Founder

Everyday Boundary Setting™ is created by Erik Kondo.  Erik has combined his life experience in small business, residential and commercial real estate, family life, martial arts, self-defense and conflict management research and instruction, with his personal perspective as a person with a disability.  And turned it all into a powerful and flexible model for creating respect in interpersonal relationships and in society.


Erik Kondo


What Are You Afraid of?

One of the major impediments to effective boundary setting in real life is fear. People want to set clear and firm boundaries, but they are afraid of what might happen if they do.

Having a true understanding boundary setting will provide you with more control in your life and will reduce your fear.