STEP 1 - Conceptualize

Understanding boundary setting requires conceptualization of the process. You need to know the concepts of boundary setting on an intellectual level in order effectively train the procedures and reliably apply them in real life situations.


STEP 2 - Train

Understanding boundary setting requires training the procedures of application. Just knowing the concepts is not enough, you must be able to convert this knowledge into action. Boundary setting combines verbal phrases and physical actions.

STEP 3 - Apply

Understanding boundary setting means that you are able to apply the concepts and procedures in real life situations. Effective boundary setting is a balancing act. It is an art, not a science. The more you apply it, the better you get at it.

Everyday Boundary Setting™ Creates Personal Respect

Everyday Boundary Setting ™ is a tool for managing interpersonal conflict.  It will create Respect for you and your Rules of Behavior. It is also a method for limiting and eliminating unwanted behavior.

Everyday Boundary Setting™ Develops Societal Respect

Everyday Boundary Setting™ is tool for managing conflict in society. It develops Respect for societal rules. It is used by institutions and government to control and limit anti-social behaviors.

Getting Started with Everyday Boundary Setting™

Everyday Boundary Setting™ is a flexible model for learning and applying boundary setting. The framework is based on recognizing, predicting, and capitalizing on repeating patterns of human behavior.

While the underlying concepts are the same for everyone, the actual application varies from individual to individual, from situation to situation, and from environment to environment.

Improve your life and interpersonal relationships by starting to learn Everyday Boundary Setting™ today!